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Application with various excellent features that offer convenience and maximize sales' activity to achieve target.

Prospect clients? Tracking the progress of sales activities? Until the matter of making a report? All now in just 1 app!
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Nusaprospect has many excellent features that can maximize and facilitate the activities of sales team to achieve target.
Equipped with prospect management features, activity management, similar checkers and reports.
Your name, email address, whatsapp connected phone number, and a name for your Workspace.
There is no minimal user for using Nusaprospect account.
There is no time limit, however terms and conditions may change at any time for Free users.
It can be created from the register page, or if there is already a previous workspace, it can be created from the manage workspace page.
Yes, with maximum 3 users and only 1 workspace.
Yes, Nusaprospect is safe in protecting customer data. As part of PT. Media Antar Nusa, we take customer data security seriously. We are proud to announce that PT. Media Antar Nusa has been standardized ISO 27001, which is an international standard in information security management.

ISO 27001 standard ensures that we have strict policies, procedures and controls in place to protect customer data from unauthorized access, unauthorized use, unauthorized alteration or loss. We implement the best technical and organizational security measures to protect customer data using encryption technology, user access settings, security monitoring and risk management.

We are committed to maintaining the security and privacy of customer data as part of the services we provide, so you can focus on sales activities and take advantage of all the features offered by Nusaprospect.

Join now, and be the best sales team ever!

Nusa Prospect

Join now, and be the best sales team ever!

No need other apps! With Nusaprospect, your data will live anytime, anywhere. Ready for a new prospect with us?